Hair Regrowth

Aspects of Hair Regrowth


When looking at hair regrowth it is valuable to note that the average daily loss of hair on the scalp is between sixty and one hundred hairs. If hair loss exceeds this amount, there is not sufficient replacement of new hair so baldness will begin to occur.

During the course of a year hair loss occurs more in the autumn and spring, than in summer which is related to daylight hours and the unfavourable weather.

Hair growth is fastest from the age of sixteen to the late twenties and as hair becomes longer and longer the growth rate slows down considerably.

The average number of hairs on the scalp of an adult is 100,000, with blondes having around 140,000 and redheads about 90,000.


Experiencing Hair Regrowth


Once you have excepted you are going bald, naturally or after an operation, considered all the options, chosen a product or alternative hair loss treatment and are witnessing results,

What should you expect?

What do you need to adhere to?

How should you look after the new hair?

How can you maintain a confident appearance as it returns?




When hair begins to grow back, it is unlikely to resemble your original hair. It is often very soft, like a baby’s, and can retain this quality for some time. If you have had radiotherapy, your hair can re-row a different shape.

Most distressingly, hair may not return over as much of the head as it covered previously, and bald patches may be in odd places. However, bald patches are often temporary, so be patient and with time the hair regrowth is likely to produce a decent head of hair.


Covering Growing Hair


As your hair grows back you may feel uncomfortable about other people seeing it, especially if the regrowth of hair is particularly uneven. Wearing a wig or toupee would certainly hide your embarrassment although they could start to feel itchy if you use adhesives to secure your hairpiece, scratching would then stress the new hair.

It would be more advisable to wear a light scarf or a hat that allows plenty of room for the scalp to breathe.

Some people choose to dye their hair as it returns. Because many hair dyes also tint the scalp, they can help to give a more even appearance. However it’s important to avoid dyes containing bleach, as these will damage the new hair.


Re-growth hair care


Because of the delicate nature of new hair, they require extra care. Choose a delicate shampoo or thickening agent and never wash your hair without conditioning it. Often you will get better results if you limit hair washing to once or twice a week.

Allow the hair to dry naturally before combing or brushing. Avoid blow-drying and be careful not to pull or tug on the new hair. Combine this with natural treatments for regrowth to ensure your hair has the best chance of regrowth and recovery.

Growing hair requires a decent supply of nutrients, a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables and at least two litres of water a day will ensure better chances of faster regrowth and better overall hair condition.

It is extremely important to be aware of the harmful effects of too much ultra-violet rays. Whilst sunlight can indeed aid your hair regrowth/ recovery, too much sun will burn and damage your scalp. Moderation is the best policy.


Styling Growing Hair


As your hair returns it is natural to feel excited and apprehensive, however it is vitally important to remain patient if you want the best results.

Due to the delicate nature of your new hair the styling options are a little restricted. Avoid hair extensions which put far too much strain on the new hair, as does hair styles and accessories that pull the hair tightly.

Shorter styles are often the best idea for the first year or two as they allow the growing areas to really establish themselves and build up strength. By far the best styles for new hair are those which require minimal combing and treatment, so that the hair remains unstressed and undamaged.

It really is a wonderful feeling to start regaining your hair using all manner of hair regrowth methods; with careful management it will grow strong and vibrant and will give you back confidence and self-esteem for many years to come.
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