Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention in Men and Women

Hair loss prevention is something that many people overlook or neglect. Everyone wants to look good and feel great about themselves.

We want to appear attractive to potential suitors, to give ourselves confidence and to feel fit and healthy. We continuously make sure to properly maintain our clothing, skin, nails and teeth however for a vast majority of us we fail to take proper care of our hair.

For many people their hair management consists of simple grooming, washing and combing, with no other considerations for total healthy hair. If we suddenly notice hair loss, it comes as a huge shock, we wonder about the causes of hair loss and we wonder why me? What did I do wrong?

Being regimented about your hair care can prevent premature baldness and help you sustain a healthy head of hair.


Rule #1


Be gentle!

When you wash, dry, comb or brush your hair, take extra care not to be too brutal and rigorous. Regardless of your techniques and products, if you use them all in moderation your hair will not be permanently damaged. For instance, one daily application of shampoo should be sufficient for most people to maintain clean hair, and more any you are simply wasting time and money.


Rule #2


Take Multivitamins/ Dietary Supplements:~

Our lives are a hectic mix of work commitments, juggling our time between friends and family, keeping on top of the bills…..the list is exhaustive. It can be difficult to ensure we obtain all the vital vitamin and minerals that our bodies need to function properly. A diet that lacks essential minerals and nutrients can lead to dry, unhealthy hair, a multivitamin a day should help towards regaining the balance.


Rule #3


Eliminate Stress:~

Not by all means an easy task. However reducing your levels of stress by engaging in hobbies, interests or simply rest and relaxation, can strengthen the immune system and make you feel healthier. Just thinking about hair loss prevention in itself can produce stress, so the key is to remain cool, calm and collected.


Rule #4


Eat & Drink Healthy:~

Having a well balanced, nutritious diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables is crucial to sustained good health and hair longevity.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the body’s functions and they are in abundance in these foods.

By moderating your alcohol consumption and drinking more water, you can flush the toxins from the system, allowing your body mechanisms to function properly.

Bearing in mind water constitutes a large proportion of our bodies, adhering to alcohol moderation and drinking water regularly, can help create a solid foundation for maintaining your hair.


Rule #5


Laugh & Smile!

It’s easy, natural, free, feels good and will keep your mind and your body feeling great.

These simple but affective rules will aid anyone in looking to address hair loss prevention.

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