Hair Loss Alternatives


There are alternative hair loss treatments to the traditional methods such as transplants, drugs or wigs. They vary immensely in their applications and success rate and should be taken with a large pinch of salt. This page is purely to demonstrate what alternative methods exist on the market.



Electric Pulse Treatments


In male pattern baldness one of the first signs of hair loss is nerve degeneration. For example, if you pull a single hair from an area affected by male pattern baldness you are unlikely to feel anything at all. That is because the nerve is likely to have degenerated to such a degree that there is no longer any feeling when the hair is removed.

When hair follicles are stimulated repetitively by a pulsed energy of the correct intensity and frequency they can be stimulated into proper functionality again.



Infra Red Light Waves


A machine sends out infra red light, eliminating all the harmful wave lengths in the infra red spectrum leaving just those frequencies that are claimed to stimulate the tissue and regenerate the hair follicle.

This bio stimulation is achieved by producing a series of pulsed infra-red photonisation beams each of which lasts only 20 billionth of a second. This way the scalp is supposed to be highly stimulated and the hair follicles are encouraged to produce new healthy hair.



Ultra Violet Light Treatment


As with infra red treatment, a high frequency current is supposed to stimulate the surface of the scalp by means of massaging the cells. It is claimed to improve the process of nourishment, stimulate local blood circulation and aid the nervous system of the scalp.



Laser Treatment


Laser treatment is another hair loss alternative method currently on the market.

A low voltage beam is pulsated across the scalp claiming to give stimulation to the follicle thus making new hair grow. This treatment can cost up to £3000 for a course of 30 visits to the clinic.




Steamer Treatment


This principle claims to open the pores and allow the discharge of waste matter, leading to a better foundation for hair grow. A hot bath or one of the many face steamers would be provide an adequate method of application.



Scalp Massager


Scalp massage is normally performed to loosen the scalp, and assist penetration of any medication. It is claimed that it also stimulates the surface blood supply.

Massage the scalp once or twice a day to increase circulation and blood flow to the area and take a supplement of 1000 IU of vitamin E each day to aid growth.




Hanging upside down


One rather random hair loss alternative is inverting the body to achieve maximum blood flow to the scalp, improving blood circulation and hair growth. Far better treatments with proven track records exist and details can be found throughout this website.



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